Lock and Load Feed Bucket
Greg Crews

Having been a horse owner for more than 15 years, I have found few things more frustrating than arriving at the fence line at feeding time to find the feed buckets laying in mud, muck and manure. Not only is it time-consuming and messy to retrieve them, sometimes it’s downright dangerous. I began searching local feed stores and horse supply stores, as well as looking online for an alternative bucket and a solution to this problem. I found none. I attempted to use the same old feed buckets by attaching them to my fence.

These buckets required screws and a drill to permanently attach them to the fence. Unfortunately, they also rarely lasted more than a few months before they were cracked and broken. Moving the buckets to another area was difficult and time consuming, not to mention difficult to clean. One aggressive feeder actually tore the bucket loose from the screws thus creating a safety hazard.

Faced with these issues and no solution, I decided to design my own feed bucket! Based on my experience, it needed to be stronger, more durable, quick and easy to attach to wood or vinyl fencing, and readily movable, but most importantly feeder-friendly and safe! The LOCK-N-LOAD feed bucket has several unique qualities. My innovative design is manufactured from high density polyethylene, making it stronger and more durable than any other feed bucket on the market today. This material resists cracking and warping. It can withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold. The unique open face design is feeder-friendly with an open front that allows the horse to access its’ food more easily as well as deterring cribbers. The one of a kind LOCK-N-LOAD attaching mechanism requires nothing more than your own two hands, allowing anyone, even a child, to quickly attach and detach to any type of fencing with a width range of 1/4″ to 2″. The newly designed screw in stud bolt with it’s tapered end and injected polyethylene knob easily goes in the existing built in nut and engages in any fence.  It also goes around any standard metal gate as well. The stud bolt is zinc coated to prevent rust and best of all it is less expensive making our feed bucket even more affordable.

Another new product is the Mount Anywhere apparatus .  It allows you to mount our feed bucket anywhere by simply placing it on the bucket and attaching it using 2 zip ties or two wood screws. Now you can have one feeder bucket that will easily attach to a fence, stall, gate or any temporary location.  Yes our bucket may cost a little more but with it’s durability and versatility it makes more sense in the long run saving you time and money.

I routinely replace feed buckets through-out the year, but after testing this on my own horses, I am confident the LOCK-N-LOAD feed bucket will be the last one users ever purchase, thereby saving money in the long run. This feed bucket is stronger, more durable, feeder-friendly, easy to use, and safe!

Future designs will include a smaller size for other livestock, as well as a water bucket, both with the one of a kind LOCK-N-LOAD attaching system.


Greg crews